With these options, users can specify where to restore the items ;and solve restore conflicts with files that have the same name.
To change Restore location:

  1. Under Restore location select Restore to an alternate location.
  2. Click the Browse button to browse ;and select for the location attended to restore to.

Replace existing file options:

If one or more backed up files are selected for restoring, ;and they already exist in the restore location, the following options can be used to resolve conflict:

  • Replace the file only if the backed up file is newer: If the file being restored is newer than the one already existing on the restore destination, Genie Timeline will replace it with the one in the backup.
  • Do not replace any files: If the file already exists on the restore destination, do not restore the backed up file.
  • Always replace files: Replace all files from the backup, regardless if newer.