Genie Timeline offers real time backup for all your critical files in an easy to use setup. Just follow a simple 3-step wizard to configure your backup ;and all your data will be protected with Genie Timeline.

Genie Timeline is a parallel universe of your computing history, deleted ;and modified files can be retrieved easily by a click of a button. You can browse the Timeline to any desired date to restore data.

Genie Timeline Can:

  1. Backup your system: Genie Timeline will backup your Windows folder, Program files, User folders, ;and System State for complete system protection
  2. Backup your important data: Backs up Emails, Documents, Desktop, Office files, eBooks, Bookmarks, Pictures, Videos, Music, ;and iPhone/iPad/iPod synced files.
  3. Track changes occurred to files constantly ;and backup files at a specified time interval if the backup destination is accessible.
  4. Resume backing up the same file after powering off the system, without restarting the backup process.
  5. Backup outlook email files (PST) using dynamic block level incremental.
  6. Shows frequent backups for the past 4 hours, hourly backups for the past 48 hours, daily backups for the past week, weekly backups onwards.
  7. Automatically deletes old files that are not showing on Genie Timeline to free space.
  8. Offers security ;and compression options for backup.
  9. Restore all data or selected data from the backup.
  10. Recover your system from disasters via Disaster Recovery option.
  11. Restore deleted files that are in the backup.
  12. Detect ;and restore deleted files by right-clicking its original location.
  13. Show versions of files backed up.
  14. Run in several performance modes for faster or slower backups.
  15. Restore data from an old archive.
  16. Creates only one job at a time ;and closes the old one for archiving purposes.
  17. Backs up local ;and remote locations.
  18. Stops backups while playing games, watching movies, or displaying presentations.
  19. Runs on low resources when your computer is running on batteries, stops when power level is low.