By Default, Genie Timeline will run in IntelliCDP mode. This mode will run as an adaptive Continuous Data Protection (CDP) approach, where small files that constantly change will be backed up more often than larger files, unless set by user. If the drive is reconnected after a backup was missed, it will automatically run without any intervention. Users also have the option to schedule backups to run on a specific time ;and day or every couple of hours.


  • The IntelliCDP varies based on the version. On the Pro ;and Server versions, it will run every 3 minutes, while in the home version it will run every 30 minutes, ;and the free edition will run every 8 hours.
  • Disaster Recovery Backup will run every 7 days, you can change this setting from Advanced Settings.
  • To change when Genie Timeline takes backups, go to Schedule the backup section.