From the Dashboard, users can manipulate and adjust their backups with the following controls.

“Run backup” controls

Run now: Force a backup to run at any time.

Run in Turbo Mode: Selecting this mode will enable the backup to run faster by using more computer resources.

Run in Smart Mode: Selecting this mode will optimize Genie Timeline’s resources to run the backup faster or slower based on how the computer resources are utilized, and will adjust its speed based on free resources; faster backups when computer is idle, slower backups when you are working.

Pause Backup: Do not run backup for the time being. Genie Timeline will resume backup automatically after a Windows reboot.

Resume Backup: Let backup run.

Restore, manage backup, and tools

In this section, users can take action in:

Restoring backups: This can be performed from:

  • Restore from Timeline: Opens the Timeline Explorer that allows users to go back in time to view and restore backed up files.
  • Advanced Restore: Step by Step Wizard to restore files and older backups.
  • Disaster Recovery: A dialog that explains how to recover your system in case of disasters.

Manage Backups: Under this section, users can:

  • Modify data selections: Add, Modify and remove files from backup. This will not restart the backup and will not delete removed selections from backup.
  • Change backup drive: Change backup drive location. This action will restart the backup with the currently selected data and backup options.
  • Start a new backup: Create a completely new backup.


  • Settings: Set file version retention, enable game/movie mode, battery saving mode, set email notifications, enable backup monitor app, set backup Schedule, edit advanced settings and access Preferences.
  • Disaster Recovery Startup Disk: Install and uninstall the Virtual Partition, create a USB startup disk, or an ISO image to boot into system recovery.
  • Timeline Recycle Bin: View, restore and permanently remove missing and deleted files from the backup.


  • Backup Score: View the health of your backup and recommendations to improve it.
  • Backup History: View all files that have been backed up by date.
  • Product info: Display product version and license key.
  • Backup Summary: View the total size of each backup and the backup breakdown

Search Backup

From the top-right corner of the Dashboard, users can search all or part of a file name included in the backup. A web browser page will open with search results.