From the Dashboard, users can manipulate ;and adjust their backups with the following controls.

“Run backup” controls

Run now: Force a backup to run at any time.

Run in Turbo Mode: Selecting this mode will enable the backup to run faster by using more computer resources.

Run in Smart Mode: Selecting this mode will optimize Genie Timeline’s resources to run the backup faster or slower based on how the computer resources are utilized, ;and will adjust its speed based on free resources; faster backups when computer is idle, slower backups when you are working.

Pause Backup: Do not run backup for the time being. Genie Timeline will resume backup automatically after a Windows reboot.

Resume Backup: Let backup run.

Restore, manage backup, ;and tools

In this section, users can take action in:

Restoring backups: This can be performed from:

  • Restore from Timeline: Opens the Timeline Explorer that allows users to go back in time to view ;and restore backed up files.
  • Advanced Restore: Step by Step Wizard to restore files ;and older backups.
  • Disaster Recovery: A dialog that explains how to recover your system in case of disasters.

Manage Backups: Under this section, users can:

  • Modify data selections: Add, Modify ;and remove files from backup. This will not restart the backup ;and will not delete removed selections from backup.
  • Change backup drive: Change backup drive location. This action will restart the backup with the currently selected data ;and backup options.
  • Start a new backup: Create a completely new backup.


  • Settings: Set file version retention, enable game/movie mode, battery saving mode, set email notifications, enable backup monitor app, set backup Schedule, edit advanced settings ;and access Preferences.
  • Disaster Recovery Startup Disk: Install ;and uninstall the Virtual Partition, create a USB startup disk, or an ISO image to boot into system recovery.
  • Timeline Recycle Bin: View, restore ;and permanently remove missing ;and deleted files from the backup.


  • Backup Score: View the health of your backup ;and recommendations to improve it.
  • Backup History: View all files that have been backed up by date.
  • Product info: Display product version ;and license key.
  • Backup Summary: View the total size of each backup ;and the backup breakdown

Search Backup

From the top-right corner of the Dashboard, users can search all or part of a file name included in the backup. A web browser page will open with search results.