Advanced Settings are located under Tools → Settings in the Dashboard ;and enables users to adjust the following:

Set full scan interval: This specifies when Genie Timeline scans all your data selections on all drive locations for new ;and changed files in case the drive does not support realtime monitor such as UNIX based network devices or logging in as a different user or in safemode.

Disaster Recovery Backup interval: To prevent backing up unnecessary files very frequent, Genie Timeline is designed to backup Disaster Recovery files at a different time interval than the regular schedule, as disaster recovery backup is recommended when a system change occurs, such as installing new software or a Windows update. This option allows you to adjust how often to backup disaster recovery files.

Switch to Turbo mode: When your computer is idle, Genie Timeline automatically switches to Turbo mode to provide faster backups. This option allows you to customize how soon should it switch to turbo once the computer is idle.

Enable Deduplication: To save space, Genie Timeline intelligently backs up only one copy of duplicated files ;and reference all other duplicates to that file, therefore, if you need to restore the file, it will be restored to all its correct locations.

Delay Backup Start: This option allows the backup service to delay starting after system reboot, speeding up your system loading time. Select this option if you have a lot of programs (antiviruses, syncing applications, etc…) that start at the time your system reboots.

Follow Junction Points: This option allows Genie Timeline to Backup Files that are linked in a different location via Junction Points. Disabling this option will skip backing up files that are in Different locations other than what is selected in your backup selection.

After configuring these settings, click Save to accept changes.

Note: These settings must be re-configured if a user recreates the backup or changes the backup drive.