This option will send reports of the backup status directly to the user’s Inbox.

To Email the backup status:

  1. Open the Dashboard.
  2. Under Tools, select Settings.
  3. Select Email Notifications.
  4. Select Email me backup status.
  5. Under Notification Schedule, select one or both options:
    • Send Every: This will send a backup status on a specific day of the week.
    • Send when an error occurs: Send an email when there is an error; the backup destination is full, it has been several days since the last backup, or failed files for backup.
  6. Under Email Server Settings, enter the following information:
      • SMTP server: The name or IP address of SMTP server to be used for sending notification emails.
      • Port: SMTP sending port. (25 by default).
      • My email: The email address to receive notification emails.
      • This server requires an encrypted connection:¬†Select this option if your SMTP server supports secure connection via SSL or TLS. Select AUTO if you are not sure of the encryption type your SMTP server supports.
      • Select My email requires authentication, ;and enter:
        • Username: Email account username.
        • Password: Email account password.
  1. Click Send test email to send a test email using these settings.
  2. Click Save to save changes.

Note: You can edit your email subject in the Email subject field.