The Setup Wizard consists of 3 steps depending on your version:

  •  Select Backup Drive: A list of backup destinations with recommendations on where to backup. It is recommended to backup to an external drive with efficient amount of free space for more reliability.
  •  Select Data: Keep the preselected data or select the data you wish to protect, the most important selections will be viewed in the first tab “Smart Selection” ;and further selections are accessed from the “My Computer” tab.
  •  Set Backup Options: Specify to compress ;and/or encrypt the data ;and set the encryption password.


  •  Security, compression, ;and backup drives will not change unless the backup job resets; by closing the existing backup ;and start a new full backup.
  • The encryption password is case sensitive ;and should be provided “AS IS”, if you lose or forget the password your encrypted data will be irretrievable.