Genie Timeline divides data backed up into two groups; Smart Selection ;and My Computer. The following table shows the major differences between the two groups.

  Smart Selection My Computer
Definition Contains various built-in plugins that you can use to backup some of the most important items on your computer Allows you to backup files ;and folders from any location readily accessible from My Computer using an easy to use Windows Explorer-like interface.
System dependency Plugins are system independent, i.e. users can backup favorites, for instance, from a Windows XP machine ;and restore them on a Windows Vista machine, without having to worry about the changed Windows environment System dependent, it will restore to the same path it was taken from
Purpose Easy to use, backs up data by type, even if user is unaware of file location A complete view of all files/folders stored on the computer to be included in backup


  • If a file is selected from both Smart Selection ;and My Computer, it will only be backed up once.
  • Smart Selection contains the preselected data for Genie Timeline. To modify, add, or remove the data, click on Customize selections.
  • The My Computer tab is supported only when running under an Administrator user account.