This option will send reports of the backup status directly to the user’s Inbox.

To Email the backup status:

  1. Open the Dashboard.
  2. Under Tools, select Settings.
  3. Select Email Notifications.
  4. Select Email me backup status.
  5. Under Notification Schedule, select one or both options:
    • Send Every: This will send a backup status on a specific day of the week.
    • Send when an error occurs: Send an email when there is an error; the backup destination is full, it has been several days since the last backup, or failed files for backup.
  6. Under Email Server Settings, users can send emails via one of the following methods:
    1. Use Genie’s email service: Let Genie9 send email notifications using the Genie email service. Register for free to create a Genie Account (My Account) and enable this service. A confirmation email will be sent with the registration information. Then enter the following:
      • Email: The email address used to create a free My Account.
      • Password: The password sent in the confirmation email.
    2. Use My own email server: Enter the following information:
      • SMTP server: The name or IP address of SMTP server to be used for sending notification emails.
      • Port: SMTP sending port. (25 by default).
      • My email: The email address to receive notification emails.
      • This server requires an encrypted connection:¬†Select this option if your SMTP server supports secure connection via SSL or TLS. Select AUTO if you are not sure of the encryption type your SMTP server supports.
      • This
      • Select My email requires authentication, and enter:
        • Username: Email account username.
        • Password: Email account password.
  1. Click Send test email to send a test email using these settings.
  2. Click Save to save changes.

Note: You can edit your email subject in the Email subject field.