To change the backup settings and preferences navigate to Tools → Settings in the Dashboard, and enables users to adjust the following:

Customize Backup: Set file retention and enable game, movie and power saving mode.

Backup Schedule: Set schedule when Genie Timeline should run backups.

Email Notifications: Enable email notifications of the status of your backup to be sent to your inbox.

Genie Timeline App: Enable and download Genie Timeline App to your iPhone or iPod touch for a live monitor of the status of your backup.

Advanced Settings: Set full scan interval, disaster recovery backup interval, when to switch to Turbo mode, enable/disable deduplication, enable/disable following Junction Points and delay Genie Timeline from starting.

Preferences: Global preferences of Genie Timeline, such as receiving live updates, auto-exclude, and windows explorer enhancements

After configuring these settings, click Save for Genie Timeline to accept changes.

Note: The Advanced Settings must be re-configured if a user recreates the backup or changes the backup drive.