Every time a user chooses a new destination to backup to, the old backup database is closed ;and the active one is the default view in Advanced Restore ;and Timeline Explorer. Restoring from an older backup can be done from the Advanced Restore.

To restore from an older backup:

  1. Open Advanced Restore from the Dashboard.
  2. Click Restore from an older backup.
  3. Browse for the drive/destination that has the older backup, or browse for the backup folder (Normally its name is _Genie Timeline).
  4. If there is more than one backup on the drive/destination, Genie Timeline will load the backups that are on the location to select from the list.
  5. Move the Timeline slider to select the time frame to restore data from.
  6. Exp;and the folder structure to browse for the files ;and folders needed to be restored.
  7. Select the files, blue check marks indicate that all files ;and folders are selected, grey indicates partial selection.
  8. Select the data you wish to restore.
  9. Click Next to proceed to Restore Options.

Note: When encryption is enabled, you will be prompted to enter the encryption password before proceeding to the Restore Options.